Diabetic Recipes

Lemon and Almond Crepes

I made this recipe after discovering the health benefits of using Oat bran to lower cholesterol and improve the digestive system. I bought a coffee grinder especially for this purpose and keep a quantity in glass jars ready for this recipe or making muffins. Other flour such a Brown Rice Flour or Wholemeal could be used, and I find a good mixture of several flours gives a lovely flavour and texture.

Ham and Egg Breakfast

Here is a fast breakfast that I use quite often and sometimes with a variation such as sliced turkey meat from the delicatessen. The cheese can be varied from tasty to mild, but just the one piece. For a main meal, add extra tomato and cheese and serve with a green salad.

Salmon Patties

I started making these patties after reading the health benefits of oat bran flour and lowering cholesterol, and found that the oat bran gives a delicious taste and adds to the texture. They are also easy to make. The children could have a go at making these.

Open Chicken Sandwich

I put this quick and easy lunch together, straight from the fridge, and the meal was ready in five minutes. Any extra salad vegetables could be used, especially sliced zucchini, snow peas, or green beans.

Coleslaw and Salad

This salad consists of cabbage, lettuce, carrot, red capsicum, onion, herbs and yoghurt. Coleslaw is a great accompaniment to barbecued meats and roast chicken, although any cold meat would also go well.  I like to use cold silverside or turkey.

Lamb Shank Curry

I combined this recipe from my all favourite curry ingredients, and found that the Special Curry from an Asian food store gives a lovely flavour. This meal is quite suitable for diabetics as it is relatively low in carbohydrate.


Here is a quick and easy pizza which I developed from the idea of using oat bran instead of all white flour to make a pizza. The quantity of flour can be adjusted to suit whether you desire a thin pizza base, or a thicker crust.

KISS Fish and Potato Recipe
(My 'Keep It Simple Fish and no chips')

This is my ideal fast food lunch which we have on a regular basis and it is ready to serve in ten minutes.  It keeps my blood glucose at an acceptable level and the meal is easy to make.

Ailsa's Ten Vegetable Salad

This recipe came about from my need to lower carbohydrates, but still remain satisfied after a meal. Sometimes it is used on its own, but mostly it goes well with just cold meats, rissoles or grilled steak. This salad will keep for up to two days in the refrigerator.

Protein Shake for Weight Loss

The Optifast® milkshake per 40gram serve (1 sachet), contains 15grams of carbohydrate and 635kj's (151 calories), so is ideal for weight control. I use this before exercise as the workout will reduce the carbohydrate naturally without fast-acting insulin.

Savoury Omelette

This is my recipe for a Savoury Omelette which is light and quick to make, and could also be suitable for vegetarians. Canned chickpeas can be used or a cup of cooked potato would also work well.

Fish Stovie

Fish Stovie, or Finnan Haddie, is an old Scottish recipe made by many people living in and near fishing villages in Scotland. Quick and easy with few ingredients, the meal is ready in 20 minutes.

Roast Beef, Romano Tomatoes and Tasty Cheese Salad

I came up with this idea for a simple meat salad as we often have left-over meat. The Romano tomatoes add for sweetness and are offset by the tang of a tasty cheese. This salad is also low in carbohydrate for those looking to lose a little weight.