Roast Beef, Romano Cherry Tomatoes and Tasty Cheese Salad


I came up with this idea for a simple meat salad as we often have left-over meat. The Romano tomatoes add for sweetness and are offset by the tang of a tasty cheese. This salad is also low in carbohydrate for those looking to lose a little weight.

image Roast Beef Romano Tomatoes

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2 slices of cooked roast beef

5 Romano cherry tomatoes (or two regular Romano tomatoes)

3 lettuce leaves for base

3 slices of thick tasty cheese

Chutney (optional)

Mild American Mustard

Fresh parsley to garnish


Break the lettuce leaves into small pieces and scatter on a plate.

Place the sliced meat on top of the lettuce and add the tomatoes and cheese to one side. Top the meat with a dob of mustard and add chutney, if desired.

Tip: Any cold meat could be used, however cold beef is strongly enhanced by these ingredients.

Bon Appetit