Praying For Lantus To Work - 17 May 2004 – 25 June 2004

The following is an example of the type of endurance required with Type 1 Diabetes. The following events continued for five weeks during the changeover from Monotard insulin to Lantus Glargine insulin. It was during this time that I seriously considered ending my life, as each day was a nightmare battle that I could barely endure, as is shown on the enclosed Scans.

I kept these notes for my Endocrinologist to show how I was progressing on the new insulin, Lantus Glargine, which he gave me to trial. As the days progressed and I became considerably worse with the side-effects, I was glad that I had kept these notes to show him.

17 May 04 Saw Rick – Stopped Monotard insulin. Started Lantus Glargine insulin trial for a month, with 22 units of Lantus at 9pm each day.

18 May 04 Now using 18 units of Humolog insulin instead of 12 units, to cover higher glucose levels

20 May 04 Low blood glucose levels (BGL) most of the day, then chest pain 7pm. Geoff rang the ambulance 9pm. Chest pain and nausea. Geoff rang Rick's mobile – message bank only. At hospital - Reflux oesophagus – sedative, Milanta, anti-spasmodic mixture. Taxi home 2am. see Log book scan Week21-2004

21 May 04 Third day on Lantus insulin. Chest pain and nausea. Ate some boiled rice. Saw doctor – Somac 20mg for reflux, Panadeine Forte for pain.

22 May 04 Stable BGL each morning and high during the day – now using 22 units of Humolog fast-acting insulin a day. Pain in the stomach after eating. Chest pain. Started eating – boiled rice, chicken soup.

23 May 04 Success – feel OK – 2.9 BGL on waking. Pain in the back of my head most of the night. Awake 12am – nausea, can't sleep. One week of misery.

24 May 04 Monday – low BGL all day – can't move about. Nausea seems worse. Not interested in food. 2.5 BGL on waking. Sick all day.

25 May 04 Rang Endocrinologist Rick 6am. - 2.2 BGL before 2 glasses of lemonade to help me make the call. He advised to drop back to 20 units Lantus.

26 May 04 4.8 BGL on rising. Levels kept going up and up all day. Double shots of Humolog during the day, 19.7 BGL at 9pm ?!? Extra 4 units Humolog then a Hypo attack 2.0 BGL at 12am. Dreadful day.

see Log book scan Week22-2004


27 May 04 3.2 BGL on waking. Massive headache, more painkillers. Out of energy.

28 May 04 Made a mistake and went shopping. Out of energy and couldn't move at the shop. Sat on the floor. BGL kept going up, then 25 BGL, insulins not working properly. Awake half the night.

29 May 04 High most of the day. Insulin not responding. Can only be the food?

30 May 04 Lasted 2 weeks on Lantus so far. QUESTION: Do I have Humolog at breakfast when my BGL is 2.3 ? And how much ? Feeling dizzy and not hungry. Very unwell. What can I do next?

31 May 04 High doses of Humolog. Usually have 12-16 units a day, but today – 24 units plus 20 units of Lantus at 9pm. Dizzy and feeling ill all day. Answers ? Carbohydrate (potato) at tea.

1 June 04 Feeling better. Big drop in levels around 8.6 BGL most of the day – success!

2 June 04 Headache worse. Pain behind left ear worse. Non-coherent thinking. In a daze. Wanted to write these notes today but could not. Did it much later.

3 June 04 10.1 BGL on waking and high through the day but feeling much better.

4 June 04 A total of 17 units Humolog, 20 Lantus Glargine and better levels.

5 June 04 Hypo at 4pm – 2.7 BGL and dazed out.

6 June 04 Woke at 2am with a 6.1 BGL, but it felt like a Hypo. Shaking and sweating, spots before my eyes. Had quick lemonade and then plain biscuits. By 8am - BGL – no better. Getting sick of this. Again do I have Humolog at breakfast when feeling like this? Slow day and mostly low.

7 June 04 Can't go on much longer. This week turned out to be a real nightmare. Can't go on. Considering killing myself. High all day even with 20 units of Humolog! Madness. Splitting headache. Can't sleep.

8 June 04 Good levels and feeling better.

9 June 04 9 weeks until I see Endocrinologist on 9 August. Increased Lantus back to the 22 units first recommended. Still feel high.

10 June 04 Headache strong and not responding to pain killers. Trouble with vision.

11 June 04 Geoff's birthday. 12 Humolog and levels rising.

12 June 04 Up and down all day. 6 Humolog before bed with a 24.0 BGL and feeling ill. Can't sleep. High levels, too high. Up to 24 BGL.

13 June 04 Shattering headache. Codeine 30mg. Woke with 6.2 BGL, levels kept rising with no let-up even with 8 Humolog at 5pm! Had 22 Lantus at 9pm. What to do? Another really rough week.

14 June 04 Should I go on? Back to writing on one single line a day in day book, and 5th week on Lantus writing insulin doses beside the reading as there is no other space.

24 June 04 Disaster and desperate. Increased 22 units of Lantus to 24. Huge major headache and getting even worse. Headache ALL NIGHT, awake all night. Can't sleep at all. This is going on too long. I am supposed to be able to manage myself and the insulin routine, especially after 12 year's practice.

Dreadfully sick today. Woke with a 13.0 BGL, then 13.6 BGL at 10am. Feeling ill at 11am with 13.7 BGL, then 2.1 BGL at 12pm??!!?? Not hungry, then 5.1 BGL at 2pm. 17.6 BGL at bedtime. Had 4 Humolog insulin and divided the Lantus dose to 15 units as a possible solution. Desperate.

25 June 04 3.1 BGL on waking. 15 units of Lantus, then at 10am 6.1 BGL and feeling much better. Had 4 Humolog 12pm – 8.0 BGL, 4 Humolog 6pm, then back on Monotard 10 units. Can't stand the pain with Lantus. No true improvement over all there. Changing back to Monotard after 39 days trial on Lantus Glargine insulin. I tried, and so did Rick, and I thank him for the kind gesture of giving me the Lantus insulin, but I feel it is time to take other action.


26 June 04 Reading 2.9 BGL at 7am. Had 12 Monotard, 4 Humolog insulin, and so on. I see Rick in 6 weeks time.

I have since turned this situation around by reducing the number of insulin units to 10 units of Lantus each morning and only 9 units of Lantus at night while also injecting 1 - 2 units of fast-acting Humolog at each carbohydrate meal. Whereas this self-medicating change works for my height of 160cm and 68kg in weight, it is recommended you seek the advice of a Health Care Provider for your individual needs.