Notes for Rick - November 2008

Notes for Rick - Monday 24 Nov 08, Ailsa E. C.

Lipitor 80mg or 20mg? What is my true cholesterol reading - 1.8 or 6.7?

I am instructed to have increased BP medication due to high readings of
up to 160/90 at Myocardial Stress Test. Usual readings show 100/66,
102/61, 116/66 after exercise. Are Avapro 300mg and Zanidip 20mg not

The second 6 week Insulin Stabilisation Scheme finished on Mon 27 Oct 08 to no
avail. I am unsuited to Insulin Pump Therapy. Next visit to their Clinic is on
Mon 15 Dec 08. Next visit to Cardio Unit, 17 Feb 09.

Mon 13 - 15 Oct 08. Palpitation emergency at home, Pulse 146, pulse
thumping in my ears. Breathlessness and unable to stand up. At hospital -
Heparin drip. Chest pain - Anginine tablets - suspected heart attack or
blood clot. ECG's hourly, 2 Heart Scans and leg Clot Scan, high BP all
day, high pulse rate 146 > 110 by 6pm. Admitted to Ward 3C Cardio Unit.
Angiogram Tues 14 Oct 08 - clear result. Ward 3E Cardio Unit then
discharged Wed 15 Oct 08 and fitted with a Heart Event Monitor to go home.

Lots of low bgl's - 12<13 Lantus a.m., 9<10 Lantus p.m. Reverted to
CSIRO Protein Diet. Dropped weight, 76>73kg. Lows > 1.9bgl, lots of
highs < 27.1bgl. Tough time with insulin not working effectively.

Sat. 18 Oct 08 - 4am chest pains BP 149/113, Pulse 83. Our son's wedding
day 3pm in the city. 24.3bgl's throughout the day. Wearing Event monitor.

Fri 31 Oct 08 - 2.6 bgl (3 Humolog, 10 Lantus), 8.4bgl at lunchtime, (6
units Humolog), 6.7bgl at tea-time, (5 units Humolog). and 17.7bgl at
bed-time (4 Humolog and 10 units of Lantus).

Next day - Sat 1 Nov 08 - 0.6 bgl, and so the saga continues, 6.4 bgl
lunch, 8.8bgl tea, 13.2bgl bed-time, 25.9bgl at 1am and awake most of the
night. Total insulin for the day, 17 Humolog and 20 Lantus.

Ailsa E. C. 24 November 2008

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