Notes for Rick - March 2009


  • 6 Jan 09 – Pain and infection in my lower left molars since Dec. My teeth are decaying rapidly due to Diabetes, I am told. Amoxycillin 500mg x 3 daily for three weeks. Public Hospital Dental Clinic people are unable to do the extractions as the Head dentist is away on sick leave for some time. I went to Dr H and she mentioned the Medicare Dental Program and referred me to a local dentist whom I will see next Thurs.

  • Many palpation episodes and dizziness with low blood pressure – 102/61, 96/69 etc. – details in log book.

  • 10 Dec 08 and then 5 Feb 09 - National Hearing Tests – 10% hearing loss in left ear. I was having difficulty hearing on the phone. Will need a hearing aid when it drops to 20% loss. The Audiologist thought the loss was due to the high noise level experienced at my work while conducting and teaching concert bands, orchestras and small groups of high-pitched instruments in enclosed areas. My friend told me that ALL instrumental music teachers are now being supplied with earplugs this year. C’est la vie.

  • Lots of hypo’s this fortnight – 2.8 3.2 2.7 2.6 - all before noon.

  • I am averaging a total of 26 units of insulin daily.

  • I received a clearance from Public Hospital Cardio Unit – The specialist was unable to prescribe the necessary medication to stop or control the palpitations, saying that it would lower my blood glucose levels even further! I was referred to Dr F at Public Hospital Cardio and will receive an appointment within the next four months.

Ailsa E. C.

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