Notes for Rick - July 2006

Thank you Rick for your continued support over the past ten years.

5 Feb 2006 Invited to evening bar-b-q. Bgl 12.6 at 5pm < 22.0 < 28.6bgl at 8pm. Feeling very heavy, nauseous and dizzy. Had 3 units of Humolog half-hourly throughout the evening and lowered the bgl to 17 bgl to get home. Too much excitement, and too many people. I decided this is my last night time outing. I had little to eat as we had our usual main meal at lunch-time.

15 March The Protophane honeymoon period is over. Bgl’s became erratic again and the insulin is not responding, or I’m not responding. The changeover was great for 3 or 4 months. I had energy and felt vital. Now I am using a 50% dose increase, 20 units am, 15 units pm. Sometimes the level is 1.7 or 1.9 on waking, but it feels much better than 15bgl.

27 March Lost balance and fell down the back steps into the laundry. I landed on the tiles, bruising and cutting my left wrist, and heavily bruising my left thigh. It was sore and purple for a fortnight.

Bgl’s out of control. High that day. I vowed to have the laundry re-tiled with non-skid tiles or pavers, to modify the house with a sloping ramp, or to totally move house to a low-set home. I have fallen down the back stairs three times now, always with hypos. We also have steep internal front stairs.

12 April Easter 12 – 15 April. Nephew visiting from interstate. Family unrest. My Bgl’s responded as if I was not having any insulin at all! I had a tremendous battle to get the level down. These four days were physically painful with aching limbs, headache, blurry vision and eye ache, and after this episode and all the other social and financial issues that I have faced this year, I have decided not to have any visitors whatsoever into the house, unless I invite them. This includes close family. I am simply unable to combat the resulting impact on my well-being. It is taking me up to five days to recover any visits and resume normality, which is usually bgl’s of 8 < 12.

13 April Dr. A. T., Government Endocrinologist. Appointment arranged by my Government employer.

Blood pressure 180/80 at meeting. Bgl 9 at home before the visit, then 17bgl after the visit. It was a lengthy 1hr. appointment, with a physical examination and then completing a questionnaire. The following two days I experienced bgl’s ranging from 10-30bgl, blurred vision, difficulty in hearing, and unable to concentrate, total loss of energy and shortness of breath. Bgl’s went way out of control. I increased the six daily Humolog shots from 4 to 5 units. No response. Increased Protophane 10<15 units am, pm with some improvement. Then increased Humolog to 8 shots a day. Feeling very ill, and levels out of control. Unable to take Easter phone calls. Too weary.

18 May Virus, runny nose, headache, high levels

21 May 8am 180/80BP Pulse 90 Woke with palpitations and sweating.

Visitors that evening. Bgl rose from 13 < 26bgl in three hours. Too much excitement. Five visitors in the house. Geoff fixing their computer program for their company, and I am supposed to entertain. Outcome - right toes aching all night, muscles aching, severe leg cramping, disturbed sleep. No rest. Too many visitors with too much excitement and it is affecting my levels.

8 June Long weekend at home with visitors. Bgl’s OK for two days 5, 15, then the levels sky-rocketed with all readings above 15. I was previously told the visit would be for four days, and they changed their plans without telling me, and stayed for six days. This was totally exhausting for me, and in the end I could not prepare a meal for everyone. I could feel the pressure building up in my body, and I just had to excuse myself and go and rest. The family wondered what was going on, but my question is, “How do you have Diabetes and still maintain communication with your family without seeming like you are sending them away, or ignoring them?” Why do they think that everything they read in books just happens to someone else other than their own mother? Why is it not a reality for them? Geoff and I have spent countless hours over the past fourteen years with my Diabetes, educating the family about the outcomes of Diabetes, and they seem to have understand it alright from a distance, but when it comes down to the actual fact of acceptance and living with it in our house, they sometimes forget that I cannot do what I used to. They still think mum is OK and can keep up the pace, and this is far from the truth.

14 June Adrenalin rush while out with the family. 21, 2, 23, 10, 7bgl. Nausea, palpitations, feeling very ill. Had to rest in a public place. Feeling totally exhausted, out of energy, could not walk back to the car. Rested for ages. Outings are off the list at the moment.

15 June Mammogram Public Hospital Breast Screen. Clear.

With thanks Rick,

Ailsa E. C.

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