Notes for Rick-August 2010

Question - What is the difference between NovaRapid and Humolog? Is it true that NovaRapid gives far more warning of hypo's. I have hypos with 5mins notice.

Question - How much insulin is produced in 24hrs by a healthy non-diabetic person weighing 70kg?

Crestor - Dr P was wondering about the dose of 5mg and asked me to mention this.

Lantus - My self-experimenting with the Lantus dose (10>9, and now 8), is still producing 1.6 – 1.9 BGL most mornings, even after a healthy dinner with some carbs, and a light carb snack for supper (2 crackers/cheese). It takes a while for me to realise that I am awake and to 'snap out of it' and get moving. It is difficult to pull myself up and get up out of bed.

Humolog - Because of the continual hypo's, I have decided to limit the Humolog dose to 2 units at a high carb meal, usually lunchtime, assuming I am not having a hypo at the time. I would then have 1 unit and so far I am having reasonable results 2hrs after lunch.

Question - How can I possibly be having a hypo with a reading of 8.0 BGL, 2hrs after meal 26/7/10?

Blood Pressure Event - Tues 27 July.At 10am I suddenly felt very unwell and my pulse was racing, B.P. 155/75. I laid down as I was feeling sick, dizzy and freezing cold. I could not get up to get under the doona so Geoff wrapped me in 2 woollen blankets and I was still freezing. Later he put another blanket around me and much later I started to warm up. Then I realised I had a strong pain in my left leg, above the knee to the groin. Geoff rang Dr P who thought it might be an infection, but I was alright, temp 37. I was able to get off the bed at 2pm (B.P. 136/52) and had difficulty walking and was still quite dizzy, light-headed. By 7.40pm the B.P was 140/78 pulse 80 and I was starting to feel much better. It was the worst day in a month. Started the next day with a 1.8 BGL, and so on.

Question - Do you know of anyone who has done self-experiments on overdosing of insulin, and their results, or something that I can research in this matter?

I am trying to fathom my wild swings in BGL readings and trying to overcome this with insulin and careful food planning. Currently I am using the CSIRO Well-being Diet, and have also read up on what our ancestors diet consisted of in their Palaeolithic Diet. The two are similar.

Please use these notes for whatever purpose you may find suitable. With thanks,

Ailsa E. C.

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