Notes for Rick - April 2010

The following are some individual quick notes that I have written to take
to various appointments with my Endocrinologist. I wrote these notes to
help me remember the important questions I had to ask, and hopefully to
find some answers to help myself get well -

Notes for Rick from Ailsa E. C. - Sat. 24 April 2010

I raised the overnight Lantus 10<11 units in an attempt to lower morning BGL
with a result of 3.7, 2.6, and yesterday, 1.9 BGL. It takes me 2-3hrs to come
round after these events.

I raised the meal-time Humolog from 3<3.5 or sometimes 4 units at each
meal. Result - afternoon hypos, usually 2hrs after lunch. Had a couple
of close calls here. Can't get out of the house in this condition. The
Humolog seems to work too well. However, when I lower it half a unit, it
is not enough. Dangerous waters here.

Had a FluVax on 19/4/10 - Dr. P.

Problem with fluctuating blood pressure. Feeling very ill, dizzy and
palpitations with 139/57 reading, resting pulse 97. Another day, 147/60
after mowing the lawn to get some exercise. Very dizzy and out of
breath. More like fatigue.

Legs aching, stinging and burning with the Neuropathy, which wakes me up
at night. It is more noticeable that I now have numb toes in the
morning. My lower legs are covered in white spots, and I think that must
be lack of proper circulation.

28/1/10 Saw Dr D P Ophthalmologist, and everything is fine with my eyes and
blood vessels this time.

23/2/10 - My mother died on this day. We flew to Tasmania for her
funeral 1/3/10. BGL 23, 21 20 for three days there. Too much
excitement seeing about 80 relatives that I had not seen for the 27yrs I
have been here in Queensland. The palpitations were very pronounced.
I had trouble breathing.

The next day, 24/2/10 was my 60th Birthday.

Kind regards,

Ailsa E. C.

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