January 2008 to December 2010 Medical Appointments


30-Jan-08 Dr. H. GP Dizziness, vomiting, nausea 4 days now. Urine test OK, BP 150/75. Sheet of middle ear exercises Vertigo
11-Mar-08 Local Pathology Pathology test
17-Mar-08 Prof. R. Jackson Endocrinologist 8 Mar 08 blacked out at home 2pm, BGL 13.8mmol/L, broke my glasses, cut face, chipped elbow
30-Apr-08 Dr. H. GP Fluvax
07-May-08 Local Eye Test Centre Glaucoma test, back of eye blood vessels 3/10 damaged
14-May-08 Local Eye Test Centre 1/2hr 2nd Glaucoma test for peripheral vision
29-May-08 Public Hospital Insulin Pump Assessment Psychiatrist 1hr, Pump Educator 1/2hr, Dietitian 1hr, Endocrinologist 1/2hr
02-Jun-08 Public Hospital Dr. H. ECG, Podiatry testing, HbAlc 8.3, need a Podiatrist, Dietitian put me on Insulin Stabilisation Scheme for 6wks
05-Jun-08 Public Hospital Diabetic Clinic Reported to Clinic on phone giving pre-meal BGL results – 10.1 average this week
15-Jul-08 Public Hospital Diabetic Clinic Recommended 12 Lantus insulin am, 6 Lantus pm, 4 Humolog insulin before meals
14-Jul-08 Prof. R. Jackson Endocrinologist Showed Medtronic Pump info and costs, showed Precision Link Pie and Scattergraph from Optium Xceed
    Blood Tester which was later upgraded to Co-Pilot Health Management System
15-Jul-08 Prof. R. Jackson Endocrinologist Blood tests for LFT/EUC/Ua/Ca/BSL/Ph/Lipids, Vit D, HDL, ck, HbAlc, TSH, IPT, FBC
12-Aug-08 Public Hospital Myocardial Perfusion Scan Oxygen to the heart Test – for chest pain
01-Sep-08 Local Pathology Cholesterol 6.7, HbAlc 7.7
15-Sep-08 Public Hospital Diabetic Clinic Lower the Lantus 13>10, 12>8, Humolog 3-4 units at meals, need a Cardiologist
    Re-start Insulin Stabilisation Scheme for 6 weeks
10-Oct-08 Dr. H. GP Lipitor 20mg, Cholesterol 6.6, Insulin scripts, HDL 3.69, L.D. 2.49 HbAlc 7.6
13-Oct-08 Ambulance emergency at home Public Hospital Palpitations, choking, chest pains – resting pulse 146, BP 189. Heparin drip 24hrs, Heart Scan, ECG's
14-Oct-08 In Public Hospital Cardio. ward Angiogram – clean arteries, Lipitor 80mg, resting pulse 130. Very ill
15-Oct-08 Cardio. Ward Heart Event Machine for 6 days to 21/10/08, Lipitor 80>20mg, Aspirin 100mg
21-Oct-08 Public Hospital Cardio. Clinic Returned Heart Event Machine, completed 6wk Stabilisation Scheme. No improvement
24-Nov-08 Prof. R. Jackson Endocrinologist Crestor 5mg, HbAlc 7.6, Cholesterol 6.6, TG 1.0, HDL 3.69, LDL 2.49, BP 127/70
09-Dec-08 Local Hearing Test Centre Low hearing in right ear. Referred to Audiologist
15-Dec-08 Public Hospital Diabetic Clinic 3mth check Dr. A. Last visit for Pump Assessment – not suitable
06-Jan-09 Public Hospital Dental Clinic X-rays x 2, lower left molars decayed and falling away. Infection, Amoxycillin 500mg x 2 for 2 weeks
06-Feb-09 Local Hearing Test Centre 10% hearing loss in left ear
07-Feb-09 Dr. H. GP Disability Parking Permit Application
16-Feb-09 Dr. H. GP Fluvax
18-Feb-09 Dr. W., Dr. P. Cardiologists Public Hospital 4mth check after 13Oct08 emergency – chest pains and palpitations. Sinus Tachycardia
23-Feb-09 Public Hospital Dental Clinic Lower left molar extraction postponed – no available dentist
09-Mar-09 Local Pathology Pathology test for Prof. Jackson
10-Mar-09 Dr. H. GP Referral to Prof. Jackson,Tetanus, whooping cough, diphtheria shot, Referral to Dr. D. Dentist
16-Mar-09 Prof. R. Jackson Endocrinologist HbAlc 8.5, Cholesterol 5.5, LDL 2.4, HDL 3.1
19-Mar-09 Dr. D. Dentist Need 4 lower molars extracted. Referral to Dr. L. Maxillofacial Surgeon
09-Apr-09 Dr. L. Maxillofacial Surgeon Consultation re extractions – calious teeth need extracting via a general anaesthetic
27-May-09 Public Hospital Cardio. Clinic Dr. F. Verapamil 120mg for irregular heart beat
10-Aug-09 Prof. R. Jackson Endocrinologist HbAlc 8.9, LDL 1.9, HDL 3.3, Cholesterol 5.2, Liver ultrasound script, Verapamil 240mg
13-Aug-09 Local X-ray Liver ultrasound LFT2, check for biliary sludge – pain under right ribs
14-Aug-09 Dr. H. GP Liver ultrasound clear
23-Dec-09 Dr. P. GP Bladder infection Trimethroprim 300mg
26-Dec-09 Dr. P. GP Bladder infection Keflex 500mg
26-Dec-09 Public Hospital Referred by Dr. P. - Saline drip, morphine. Pain in lower stomach and lower back – inflammation
11-Jan-10 Local Pathology Pathology test
18-Jan-10 Prof. R. Jackson Endocrinologist HbAlc 8.6, Cholesterol 5.6, Iron 76, need 3 Ostelin tabs and 1 Caltrate a day
28-Jan-10 Dr. P. Ophthalmologist 2yr check – all clear. A few leaking vessels in left eye
17-Feb-10 Dr. H. GP Medical Certificate to renew driver's licence
20-Apr-10 Dr. P. GP Referral to Prof. Jackson, Fluvax shot
16-Apr-10 Local Pathology Pathology test
24-Apr-10 Prof. R. Jackson Endocrinologist HbAlc 8.3,Cholesterol 5.0. Prof. J. says my arteries have hardened because of 149/60 BP difference of 80pts
24-Apr-10 Local X-ray Tight pain under right ribs, raised Bilirubin – Steatohepatitis 'fatty liver' from Diabetes
07-May-10 Dr. P. GP Blood test check from Prof. J. Updating Diabetes history.
10-Jun-10 Dr. P. GP Script for FBC (re T Bilirubin), Karvea 300mg, Crestor 5mg, Veracaps 240mg, Somac 40mg
17-May-10 Public Hospital Cardio. Clinic Dr. L. Checkup for irregular heartbeat
17-Jun-10 Local Pathology Blood test follow up for Dr. P.
28-Jul-10 Local Pathology Pathology test for Prof. Jackson
02-Aug-10 Prof. R. Jackson Endocrinologist HbAlc 8.3, HDL 4.4, Urine has white blood cells weight 75kg
03-Aug-10 Local Pathology Urine test for white blood cells
13-Aug-10 Dr. P. GP Urine test clear. Steatohepatitis – lower the carbohydrates
08-Aug-10 Dr. M. Green GP Acupuncture left shoulder and neck, spinal manipulation
15-Aug-10 Dr. M. Green GP Acupuncture left shoulder and neck, spinal manipulation
10-Nov-10 Dr. P. GP Pneumonia Vax Script
11-Nov-10 Dr. P. GP Pneumonia Vax shot
06-Dec-10 Local Pathology Pathology test
09-Dec-10 Dr. P. GP Pathology test check
13-Dec-10 Prof. R. Jackson Endocrinologist HbAlc 8.3, Cholesterol 6.2, HDL 3.5, Humolog script, Glucagon Hypetect, Tegretol 200mg scripts
    for Diabetic Neuropathy in legs. Script for Stress Echo (exercise) test for chest pain, tightness in throat

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