Daily Diabetic Diary

We produced this Diary/Logbook/Record because of the limitations of some smaller booklets which I had bought and used in the past. We developed it using LibreOffice ( previously Open Office ).

The Diary is designed to printed on both sides of a standard A4 sheet, folded in half to easily fit in a purse or handbag and can be printed out for 52 weeks, making an annual logbook. An annual logbook takes 13 pages, printed on both sides.

Download and install the Free Opensource LibreOffice Office Suite first.

LibreOffice ( previosuly Open Office ) is freely available for download. It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac users.The link is here. http://www.libreoffice.org/download/

Download from here.




Right-click and "Save the Link as" to copy to your computer.

To make a year diary, print out 13 pages back to back. The booklet was stapled together at a photographic shop, and later I sealed the cover with clear contact. With LibreOffice it is a simple matter to design and print a cover sheet for the diary.



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