Current Medications


A.E.C. Type 1 Diabetic insulin dependant since 1992


Lantus Glargine insulin, 14 units am and 12 units pm

Humolog insulin  1 – 2 units at each meal, extra units for hyperglycaemia

Avapro 300/12.5, Crestor 5mg, Verapamil 240mg, Somac 40mg - daily

Caltrate 600mg, Ostelin 75mcg - daily

Nitrolingual Pump Spray 400mcg - Angina attacks

Fluvax annually

Pneumonia vax 5 yearly



Prof. Richard Jackson Endocrinologist

Dr. P. GP

Dr. P. Ophthalmologist

Dr. Martyn Green GP

Local Pathology

Local X-ray

Public Hospital

Mr. Geoff O.  Full-time Carer

Ailsa E. Cooper

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