Carbohydrate Counting Food Diary

There is a remarkable book by Dr. Richard Bernstein, himself a Type 1 Diabetic for 60 years, entitled 'Diabetes Solution – A Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars', which shows how to minimise the intake of carbohydrate for diabetic well-being. I decided to keep a food and carbohydrate diary for a few days to see if I could maintain his excellent regime.

Carbohydrate count from Thursday 6/5/10, Ailsa E.C.
Allowance is 30gr carbohydrate per day - (Dr Richard Bernstein's theory)

Insulin - Lantus Glargine (L), Humolog (H)
Carbohydrate - carb
Grams - gr
BGL – blood glucose level
Green – high blood glucose level
Brown – low blood glucose level

Carbohydrate eaten Insulin BGL After 2hrs
dose (blood glucose level)
Thurs 6/5/10
Greek Yoghurt 10gram carbohydrate (carb.) 10Lantus 9.6 13.8
Pear 6gr carb.
(Have 1 Humolog), current weight 76kg, lose 14kg

Beef/veg soup 1gr carb. 2Humolog 9.6 9.2 (no crackers next time)
4 crackers/cheese 17gr carb
Have 1 Humolog, and exercise

Grilled steak – no carb, egg 0.3gram carb., 6.4 10.3
bacon 0.3, stir fry veg 4gr carb. 11 L

(8.6 grams over Dr. Bernstein's allowance of 30 grams a day)

Fri 7/5/10 Weight 75kg
Greek Yoghurt 10gr carb 9L 1.7 (low) 16.9 (high)
Granny Smith 10gr carb 2H

Campbell's beef and spag sauce 6gr carb 16.7 (high) 3.2 (low)
Fettuccine 25gr 3H
Cashews 6gr carb - TOO MUCH LUNCH, half as much next time.

Beef/veg soup 1gr carb. 1H
2 crackers/cheese 10gr 9L Weight 75kg (goal 62kg)
TOTAL CARB. 68 gr (38gr over allowance)

Sat. 8/5/10
Optifast bar 11.8gr carb. 10L 15.2 21.6 2.5 (low)
Fish, potato, tartare, flour 2H 13.6
(14gr 12.8, 2gr 13gr) Far too much carb.
Tested glucose in urine 3pm 13.9bgl, no glucose in urine (?)
1 ½ slices Raisin bread 25gr carb.
Homemade beef soup 2gr 3H, L10 15.6 23.1

TOTAL CARB. 78.6gr (48.6gr over allowance) - getting rid of the Sultana,
Bread and Potato – too many carbs.

Sun 9/5/10
Optifast shake 15gr carb. 10L, 3H 14.6 12.6
Egg, steak, mushroom, bacon omelette 3gr
Pizza - 44.8gr carb. 10L, 2H 12.2

TOTAL CARB. 63gr (33gr over allowance)

Mon 10/5/10
Optifast shake 7gr, 10L, 2H 15.9 15.2
Meat omelette, 1 small potato 1gr
peas 2gr, tomato sauce 2gr 2H, 10L 8.8 7.8
Beef soup, rice 50gr cooked = 14gr carb.
TOTAL CARB. 26gr (6gr under allowance)

Tues 11/5/10
Optifast bar 11.8gr 10L, 2H 13.7 9.7
W'meal crackers and dip 24gr carb. 1H 6.4 3.2 (low)
Beef, strog sauce 15gr, spirals 12gr
beans, peas 1gr, broccoli 2.4gr No Lantus
TOTAL CARB. 66.2gr (36.2gr over allowance)

Wed 12/5/10
1/2 Large apple 7gr, yoghurt 17.2gr carb. 10L, 2H 4.6 5.0
Ham & cheese profiteroles (6) 4gr carb.
Fettucine 12.8gr and Romana sauce 7.7gr carb. 5.2 9.3
Chicken and corn soup 19.8gr carb. 10L 14.3
TOTAL CARB. 68.5gr (38.5gr over allowance)

Thurs 13/5/10
Lite yoghurt 24.9gr carb. 10L, 1H 3.6 (low) 8.2
Ham & cheese profiteroles, (6) 4gr carb.
1/4 cup boiled rice 10gr, grilled fish/tartare 4gr.
Profiteroles, (6) 4gr
Spirals 12gr, beef sauce 15gr, mushroom 2gr 10L 6.3
TOTAL CARBS. 77.9gr (47.9gr over allowance)

Fri 14/5/10 Weight 75kg 10L, 1H
Optifast bar 11.8gr 2.5 (low) 11.5
Crackers/dip 10gr
Ham steak, egg, veg 3gr
Profiteroles (3) 2gr
Cabbage,peas, spag sauce, spiral 5gr.carb 10L 5.0 19.2
TOTAL CARBS. 45.8gr (15.8 over allowance)

Sat 15/5/10
Optifast shake 15gr carb. 10L, 1H 17.2 19.3
Risotto with mushrooms,prawns,
vegies,rice 10gr carb.
50gr cashews 0.3gr carb.
Egg on toast 13gr carb. Yoghurt 6gr 10L, 2H
TOTAL CARBS. 44.3gr (14.3gr over allowance)


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