Using 1450 calories a day, this diet contains 104 grams protein, 46 grams fat, and 150 grams carbohydrate per day. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, and choose one from each of the the following at meal time.

Choose one selection from each of the following:

BREAKFAST -  Fruit smoothie and a low-fat yoghurt Egg or baked beans on wholemeal toast/fresh fruit salad and yoghurt/1 glass of any fruit juice/
1 orange/1 pear or 1 cup of strawberries 2 egg omelette with 1 piece of wholemeal toast SNACK - 1 small fruit or 1 small low-fat yoghurt/1 mandarin or 60 grams Brazil nuts ( 2 handfuls of nuts ) LUNCH – 1 large mug of lentil/vegetable soup served with crisp breads 1 cup of salmon (or tuna) with green salad, Spanish onion, red capsicum Egg, lettuce, tuna salad Prawns and salad with small wholemeal bread roll Hummus or low-fat dip on crackers with 1 small piece of fruit Thai beef salad stir-fry AFTERNOON SNACK - 50 grams raw cashews/1 skim milk latte/1 small green apple/1 hard-boiled egg, or crisp breads
with tomato slices. DINNER – 1 marinated piece of lamb (small 65 grams) with a dollop of minted yoghurt and Mediterranean
vegetables. Place 2-3 cups of garlic, sweet potato, mushroom, leek, and red capsicum in a shallow
baking dish. Add rosemary, and olive oil. Bake at 180C until tender. 200 grams tofu stir-fried with Asian vegetables – use bok choy, Chinese cabbage, broccoli,
mushrooms, bean shoots, and spring onions. 150 grams lean grilled steak (1 cup) with sweet potato mashed (with skim milk), and served with
green beans, squash and carrots. 150 grams salmon or chicken breast (no skin), served with any raw vegetables. Grilled chicken breast with vegetable curry. Add curry to 2 cups of any green vegetable, chicken
stock, coconut lite milk, and add one can of chick peas for texture and fibre. Low-fat chilli con carne with lean grade mince. Add 1 can of Mexican beans (red kidney beans) and
a tablespoon of chilli to the cooked meat. Serve with tortilla, tacos or sweet potato. EVENING SNACK – 1 cup low-fat custard with 1 cup of stewed fruit 2 cups fresh fruit salad 200 grams low-fat yoghurt with fruit salad 1 cup skim-milk hot chocolate Sorbet with 2 cups of blueberries, cherries, strawberries or raspberries Further information :-