I spoke to a slim, athletic person in his forties about how he maintained his fitness regime and outlook to good health, diet and his positive approach. I told him of my medical difficulties with Type 1 Diabetes, and how I was working on lowering the carbohydrates to reduce the need for fast-acting Humolog insulin, which was contributing to numerous hypoglycaemic attacks.

He said that for his good health, he juiced green vegetables each day, added 75% boiled, cooled water in each glassful, and sipped this throughout the day. It was his regular routine, and he also juiced fruits and carrots with the same effect. I took serious note of his experiences and knowledge, and quickly jotted down his ideas. He said that he had followed this regime for many years, as he did not want to suffer crippling illness in his older age. Here is what he recommended.

Drink 3 litres of water a day

Use boiled cooled water, never chilled out of the fridge – that creates a toxic reaction

Eat a wide variety of foods every day, never a repetitive diet

Green drinks flush the entire body, just don't overdo it

Weight loss is automatic with constant exercise e.g. walk 2km a day, every day

Lift weights for upper body strength and use a walking machine

When able, go swimming every day, as this eliminates the caustic build-up in the body which creates arthritis related illnesses

Stage three of exercise is the heavy duty running, badminton, skating

ELIMINATE RED MEAT ( I did not quite agree on this one )

Don't just eat tinned salmon, but rather the fresh fish from the market, and have 3 serves a week

For weight loss, no yoghurt or bananas ( too heavy in fats and carbohydrates unless doing heavy sport, which wears it off immediately )

Eliminate most carbohydrates ESPECIALLY BREAD

If you must have some bread, make sure it is the 9-grain variety, not just a wholemeal bread NEVER, repeat NEVER eat white bread - It acts as a sludge collector in the body No alcohol, no smoking – these are toxins