Here is a fast breakfast that I use quite often and sometimes with a variation such as sliced turkey meat from the delicatessen. The cheese can be varied from tasty to mild, but just the one piece. For a main meal, add extra tomato and cheese and serve with a green salad.

image Ham and Egg Breakfast

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1 wholemeal muffin

1 egg

3 slices shaved ham

1 Romano tomato (or any tomato)

1 slice tasty cheese

1 teaspoon olive oil

Black pepper


Grease a fry pan with the oil and fry the egg until half cooked

Halve the tomato and place it face down in the pan, turning both the egg and the

tomato after 5 minutes, or when the egg is set on the first side

Cook further until the tomato is browned

Drain, and serve on toasted muffin, adding the ham and slice of cheese

with black pepper sprinkled over the tomato

Tip: Instead of the muffin you could use any 9 grain bread for a crunchy treat

Bon Appetit