Co-Pilot Graphs and Charts

The graphs, pie-charts and reports were generated on information stored in the Blood Glucose monitor.

Pathology Reports

The Pathology chart for December 2010 shows my excellent High Density Lipids (HDL). My total Cholesterol is in good shape and this lowers the risk of heart attack or stroke. I would attribute these levels to either good genetic structure or the whole foods diet I have been following with ground oat bran being a key ingredient. By replacing white flour with the oat bran, and replacing white potatoes with sweet potato, I feel this may be the reason for these results.

My Cholesterol has improved to a point where my High Density Lipids, HDL's, were 4.4 BGL in August 2010. I was told this was an amazing feat, but could only explain to my Endocrinologist that it must be the whole foods diet and carbohydrate control that would be contributing to this excellent level. My total cholesterol reading was 6.8, and minus the good HDL's, it was a very satisfactory 2.4 result. I also attribute my low salt, fat, oils, and sugar intake to this outcome. When viewing the amount of detrimental salt, fats and sugars in today's modern diet, especially in takeaways foods, bread, cakes and pastries, chips and burgers, I can also appreciate where the obesity epidemic is coming into phase in our population.

Pathology Report for December 2010

Pathology Report HbA1c April 2010

Pathology Report HDL April 2010

Pathology Graph HbA1c April 2011